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Remodeling A Coffee Shop With Antiques

Antique Coffee BusinessUsing antiques to furnish your coffee shop when you remodel is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and to add a sense of style to the property. However, you might feel that the antiques you want to use do not seem to naturally fit into your remodeled business. There are a number of tips that you can use to help, whether you are remodeling or starting a brand new coffee business opportunity.

Update The Antiques

A lot of people feel that when they use antiques they have to keep them in the original state. While this is ideal for the truly elegant antiques that you have, it is not a rule of thumb for all of them. If you have found an antique dresser that has seen better days, then you can update it and this will make it easier to fit into your coffee shop.

Cheaper antiques will often have faults and this can be hidden with some paint. Painting your weathered antiques enables you to fit them into any room of your business, regardless of the décor. Adding prints to the antiques will also help you continue the flow of your remodel.

Mix And Match

The beauty of remodeling with antiques is that you do not have to have pieces from the same era. While this often helps, mixing and matching your antiques can add a different edge to the remodel. If you are remodeling a child’s room, then you might want to have a hanging monogram of their name. You can use a mixed batch of lettering from different eras to create a great focal point.

Have Old Meeting New

Your remodel does not have to look like a room straight out of the history books. Adding something modern to the antiques that you use will make them function for daily life while retaining their old charm. If you are remodeling your office then you can easily have an old antique desk with a modern chair. Many people have also used antique dining chairs with a more modern table to give a juxtaposition that brings focus to the room and the furniture in it.

Adding A Personal Touch

Using antiques when remodeling should not be done purely to have antiques in your coffee shop. It is important that there is a personal touch to the antiques that make them function and and will be aesthetically pleasing for your business. If you like art deco furniture then you should look at using this style of antique instead of a piece of Victorian furnishing. The antiques that you use need to correspond with your personal style.

When you use antiques that you do not naturally like, you will have a hard time finding a place for them. An old Edwardian chest will work for someone who likes it, but will constantly be a nuisance for someone that does not.

Using antiques to furnish your remodeled coffee shop is a great idea, but you need to be careful. It is recommended that you choose pieces that offer a style that you like and is similar to your own. If you have furniture that is weathered then touching them up is also an option.